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Friday, December 23, 2016

How to verify your bitx wallet address and withdraw bitcoins straight to your bank account.

How to verify your bitx wallet address and withdraw bitcoins straight to your bank account.

Good day to all my fans and readers, it's been really really a long time I have posted here on my blog, alot of fans and peeps has been on my neck they want me to drop a post because my posts are usually helpful. But I am back now, just got to get some good cash lol. Today I will be sharing to you some new ways on how to withdraw bitcoin, directly to your bank account.

I can proudly say that I love bitcoin, it's the best currency, just in a month I left my blog to focus on bitcoin I made $860 wow that's awesome well today I will be sharing some tips on how  I made it to everyone interested in making money online, we won't be talking about all those scams and telegram bot, take note all telegram bots are scam don't fall for any.
The best wallet the world would know. 

Now today we would be dealing on how to verify your bitx wallet and withdraw straight to your bank account, its very easy to do just follow this steps.

How to create and verify your bitx wallet address.

√  The first step is to get the wallet go to playstore download bitx wallet.

√  Just sign in with your email, there are two ways bitx operates, just like mobile banking and online banking, but for the app just click on sign in and use your mail, put in your 4digit pin. Wow Your new bitx bitcoin wallet is created now.

√  Verification has been made easy with bitx, the reason for verification is for you to be able to withdraw your bitcoin straight to your bank, with this you won't worry about who to buy your bitcoin.

√  It has four levels of verification, for level 1 it's simple I will explain that, from level 2-4 you will use your Nation Id, drivers license or International passport, National Id recommended.

Steps to verify bitx wallet

√ After signing in to your wallet address, click on verify identity.

√  A page will roll up, put in your phone number, a code will be sent to you just like the way you verify whatsapp.

√  Another Page will roll up telling you to put your name and date of birth, make sure the name you put will be the name on your bank account, after that you will receive a message like this.

That's the simple trick you will receive a congratulations that your wallet has been verified. Then click on withdraw to bank account and put your account details there.

Note: You have some limits to level 1 Verification, which is your deposit and withdrawal all time shouldn't go beyond N200,000, if goes beyond your account will be temporarily blocked till you summit level 2 verification details, so guys enjoy this, bitx is the best wallet so far less charges and withdrawal straight to your bank account.

Is this helpful, please ask any questions you have below and share posts with your friends, remember we are here to keep you updated,  invite your friends here. 

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Freegive away from bloggersprof, Grab your 5gb/10gb now!.

Freegive away from bloggersprof, Grab your 5gb/10gb now!.

Today is another great day, its been a while since i posted, people has been asking me to post,  i told them soon so my  posting will commence consistently soon. Today i want to give another free bonus giveaway to all my fans and followers this time it's gonna be big,  as i promised, remember the big! big!! big!!! giveaway is coming month ending, expect it, it will be better than this.
Freegiveaway from
Freegiveaway from 

This giveaway goes this way,  last time i told all my fans and friends to drop their number, to get the data, today no need of dropping numbers, just read on let's move straight to the point.

Here is how it goes

You can get this bonus like this:
√  Put your airtel sim in your phone,  this time it works with airtel.
√  Download IMEL generator click here to do so. 
√  Here is the Raw imel you can use IMEL generator to generate more IMEL, when you generate an imel this is how it looks like 861143032363166, so here is the bomb,  to save you all the stress i will drop upto 50valid imels that will work for. 
√  When you get ur valid imel just go to message, type S861143032363166 this is how it will look like, then send it to 232.
√  They will reply you "Your phone is not provisionable" ignore it and send Join to 141.
Note: We are talking about Airtel sim, if the first IMEL did not work try another one, it doesn't matter weather the sim is new or old, it must work, am telling you i said it must work!! Lol... 
√  After sending Join they might reply you or not just go to your dialer and dial *140# to check your balance, you must see your 5gb worth of data. Isn't that amazing from bloggersprof, to get 10gb on 1 sim use sms bomober. 

This is the best thing i thought i could do for my fans right now,  i want you all to get your own 5gb from Airtel Now before it is too late...

Here are the list of valid imel 


There is the list of valid imel i generated up there, if you have exausted all the imel up there and you need more, just ask me in the comment box and i will generate another for.

Do you find this helpful,  please share this post to your friends,  and kindly drop a comment please,  because i know it must work for you.  Thank you.. See you at the top.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

How to purchase/buy Airtime/Data on Any Network In Nigeria with bitcoin

How to purchase/buy Airtime/Data on Any Network In Nigeria with bitcoin

Bitcoin is presently the moving train it is better you join the train now, so you would be among those that will make it,  nevertheless i mensioned some time ago about what you need to know about bitcoin, how you can open an account, and i also talked about how to withdraw your money straight to your bank account. Now today i will be talking about how to buy Airtime with bitcoin, lets talk about that.
How to buy airtime and data with bitcoin

Bitcoin is such an amazing cryptocurrency that pays, at first in may 2016 when i discovered bitcoin, i took it as child's play but i realised its not, it has many features, there are many things you can do with bitcoin, like everyone knows that you can withdraw your money to cash,  you can sell it to people that buy,  but today i will be talking about how to buy airtime with it,  the airtime would be normal airtime.

What you can do with bitcoin

There are many benefits and uses of bitcoin, infact why are my saying all this, bitcoin is another currency just like dollar, naira, euro etc... Here are list of what you can do with bitcoin:

√  You can use bitcoin to buy/purchase goods online. 
√  You can use bitcoin to provide help in mmm, Learn More.
√  You can use bitcoin to invest in swisscoin, i will do a post on this soon. 
√  You can withdraw your money to your bank account. 
√  You can sell your bitcoin to sites that buys bitcoin or you can sell to close friends or individual who wants to buy and invest their bitcoin. 
√  And now here is our hitting point today,  you can buy/purchase airtime of (Mtn, Etisalat, Airtel and Etisalat, more.. ), in Nigeria with bitcoin,  when you buy the airtime you can use it to subscribe for data. 

How to Use bitcoin to buy Airtime 

Straight to the point, follow my steps :
√  Go to

How to buy airtime and data with bitcoin

Enter any phone number

We can top up prepaid SIM cards from over 600 operators in 150 countries. Is your phone supported? Type in the number and find out!

How to buy airtime and data with bitcoin

Select an amount

Our fees are the most competitive for online top ups. Using Bitcoin allows us to cut costs, and pass the savings on to you.
How to buy airtime and data with bitcoin

Pay with Bitcoin

You have Full privacy. The top up happens as soon as the transaction clears, normally within 10 minutes. The top up activation is automatic for supported operators. For other operators we will send you a PIN code and instructions by email. on to you.

Thats it about how to buy airtime with bitcoin, its if you are into bitcoin you will enjoy this as an advantage.

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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

How to Register in mmm, Everything you need to know about mmm, lets talk about it.

How to Register in mmm, Everything you need to know about mmm, lets talk about it.

Many People in Nigeria have been complaining about MMM, some has given their good testimonies, some have been saying its a ponzi scheme, and some has not even joined at all they dont know about it, so today i will be talking about what MMM is all about and how you can be a participant, i will tell you all its benefits.

What is MMM 

MMM is an acronym which means Mavrodi Mondial Movement . It is not just a word but a community of people who render help and receive help. MMM has a founder and his name is Sergei Mavrodi, a Russian mathematician and Computer Programmer. He came about with an idea to form a platform which has helped alot of people, MMM was founded in 1989 as a registered Cooperative society in Russia, but the new MMM in its current form was formed in 2011. The historical MMM started in Nigeria in November 15, 2015. MMM was founded as an answer to the unjust and callous financial order in the world, putting the financial destiny of participants in their own hands as they reach for financial freedom. Someone might ask how long can mmm last, MMM will continue to go on as long as there is Regular PH/GH by old and new participants. As long as participants continue to provide help and get help, MMM can last for as long as you want it.

The Government cannot stop MMM, MMM has no offline offices anyone can close, no central accounts anyone can freeze and the site servers are not hosted in this country so they cannot be shutdown. This is the weakness of MMM, Panic. Financial institutions do not like MMM and they have been known to use the media to create slanderous reports about what we do. If we the participants panic and stop providing help, they got us. But if we refuse to panic, they lose. There has been many reports about MMM, the question is what can make MMM last longer? Never let anything u hear or read make u panic. Understand MMM ideology, go over it again and again. Provide help and get help. Bring someone else in to enjoy this with u. Understand that Sergey Mavrodi has provided the platform, the sustainability now depend on our actions and inactions.

How To Register For MMM And What to do after that

√  Visit the MMM Nigeria official Website: Click Here
√  Click the Registration link to register
√  Enter your First name and Surname.
√  Enter your email address or create a new one if you dont have.
√  Enter your Mobile Phone Number (Example: +2349037711102)
√  Enter your password.
√  Confirm password.
√  Enter as invite email address (Or leave it like that if its already showing there)
√  Guider’s Email Address: leave it blank
√  Guider’s Phone Number: Leave blank, as system will automatically allocate this.
√  Enter Picture Code.
√  Check the “Warning” checkbox.


Register to join MMM Nigeria

Things to do after Registration

Confirm both your email address and your phone number (this is very easy):
√  Log into your MMM Personal Office (PO), click on it.
√  Go to the “My Page” tab on the menu bar, click on My Page, and not far from the top you’ll see your email address and cell phone number.

√  Click on the “unconfirm/confirm” link next to your email address.
The system will send a confirmation code to your email account, go and get this code.
√  Enter code in the box provided next to your email address and click okay.
Once your email address changes to green, you have successfully confirmed your email adress.
√  For Cell phone, just click the “confirm” link next to your number and its confirmed.
√  Add your Banking Details or Bitcoin Address if you are into bitcoin.
√  Log into your MMM Personal Office (PO).
√  Go to the “Accounts” tab and click on it, you will find “ADD”, “EDIT” & “DELETE” options

√  Click on the ADD option to add your Banking or Bitcoin Account details

√  Add your Banking Details and click save
√  You may choose to withdraw using your Bank Account
(Bitcoin is NOT a must, so don’t worry about it).
Add your Bitcoin Details and click save

√  You may choose to withdraw using your Bitcoin Account
(You may choose to add both Banking and Bitcoin Account, only one is required.).
√  Provide Help (PH). Do this immediately after you have added your banking details, so you start earning on day 1.

how to provide help

√  Log into your MMM Personal Office (PO).
On your dashboard, you will find “Provide Help” and “Get Help)
Provide Help, also referred to as PH is to make a financial contribution to help someone in need of financial help. Get Help, also referred to as GH means request to be helped financial, otherwise it means making a withdrawal.
√  Click on the Provide Help button and check the button on the first screen that you see, this is confirming that you understand the MMM warning.
√  Choose the “other bank” option, if its not Bitcoin (Choose Bitcoin if you want to PH in Bitcoin) and click next.
√  If you have the money it is adviseable to start with N20,000 above Reason is Because, any PH frpm N20,000 upward has a registration bonus attached to it, so you have to partake from the registration bonus.
√  Enter Amount and click select, you will see a line “Leftover Distribution” that will appear, with the amount you have selected nect to it.
√  Enter full amount again in the next space and click any blank area on that same screen, until “leftover Distribution” reads “0”.
√  Check the small box that allows you to get a registration bonus, this happens when you PH for the first time.
Click next
√  Enter security code and click next.
√  Click Ok to you are done.
√  Go to the top menu again and click Mavros to see details of your PH.

Login everyday, as you never know what kind of news or information you might find in your account.

Watch this video on how to provide help for better understaning

When you Provide help the money will still be in your hands until after 14days you will be merged with someone and you will be asked to pay to the person's account, immediately you pay and upload prove of payment you are eligible to get help even if you want your money back the next day. You can PH anytime and as many times as you want in as much as you will be able to provide the money when the order comes. Must I wait 30days before I can GH? No. You can GH anytime provided it is 14days and you have actually fulfilled your pledge.

How to upload confirmation of payment(prove) on mmm

See an advice: when you provide help today if you know your mind can't carry you, you can get help the next day they will pay you back. So you see its simple and also if you still fear you can decide to put your capital back when you withdraw, then hold your profit. The sweetest thing about mmm is that when you have already recovered your capital. So by then you will just be dropping your profit, when you get to the point where you have already gotten your capital back thats when you will smile 😎 and say i made it with mmm, by then if you hear anyone saying mmm is a scam then you will laugh the person 😂 and say Yes i have gotten enough  profit my capital is there relaxing. Dont forget to use as your invite email.

So thats it, Join mmm now! This is a way to solve and tackle the recession in Nigeria. Many people can testify.

is this helpful?, please take 5 seconds to drop a comment and share this post to your friends and loved ones thank you, always visit See You At The Top.

Friday, October 7, 2016

How to open a bitcoin account, earn, double your earnings and withdraw your money to physical cash.

How to open a bitcoin account, earn, double your earnings and withdraw your money to physical cash.

I recently discovered that people are now interested in bitcoin because of its high rate of popularity now in telegram, but nevertheless, I would be talking today on how to get money into your bitcoin wallet and how to go about your funds, weather you would withdraw it or you sell it to someone, I talked about everything you need to know about bitcoin and how to create your wallet, create your wallet let's move to today's deal.

There are many ways to get money into your wallet, you can buy and you can also earn it, I want to show you list of sites you can earn bits from fast, After so many online research on how to get free bitcoins, I came across many website that give out a good amount of Bitcoins every few minutes and when you reach a particular amount they send your earning directly to your bitcoin wallet. I am presently using them and am getting payment from them. Below are some of the sites I recommend for you, but before that lets talk about bitcoin address. 
How to create a bitcoin account
Earn Money from Bitcoin now

What is bitcoin address 

Bitcoin address is a single-use token. Like e-mail addresses, you can send bitcoins to a person by sending bitcoins to one of their addresses. Bitcoin address is like your bank account number, which you can use to receive money from other recipients.

However, unlike e-mail addresses, people have many different Bitcoin addresses and a unique address should be used for each transaction.

How Can I Get A Bitcoin Account?

A bitcoin account is also called a bitcoin wallet, so they are synonimous the difference is when someone asks you, do you have a bitcoin account you would say yes i have a bitcoin account in blockchain wallet or bitx or xapo etc.. , so you can get your account on any wallet, but i recommend bitx

To get any wallet you like go to playstore and search for them,  if you like blockchain wallet search for it, download it and sign up,  after signing up the next thing is to fund your bitcoin wallet/account. Below i listed some sites you can get bitcoin from. 

List of sites you get bitcoin From

√  Moonbit

 Moonbits is one of the best sites to go for, they are reliable, they have been paying botcoin to people, for a long time and they work with time, you will have to gather your bits(its normally called satoshi) when ever ever you claim they will pay you, they pay Every Saturday you can Register Here

√  Bitmaker 

Bitmaker is the best bitcoin application that pays weekly (Every Sunday Morning) They pay 250satoshi Every 30minutes but you can speed up ur earnings by buying time then you earn 250 satoshi every 10minutes so you see its fast. You can Register Here, Note: You will make your withdrawal before 7:00 am on Friday then they pay you on Saturday morning. Have you checked out the BitMaker app? Sign up with my code and we will each get 2,500 Satoshi when you try it. Code: 7UWD36


Bitcoinreward is site which I call "the dope " they pay higher than all other sites I can mension, and they pay easily just by completing surveys, and this surveys are heavily paying surveys, they pay you 1000satoshi for signing up, they pay you 10000satoshi for verifying your email, they pay you 1000 satoshi for following them on social media 1000satoshi for Facebook, twitter and google+, for even filling your details in the profile they pay 24000 satoshi they are the best, No doubt Register here


Bitforclicks is a very good way to earn more bitcoin freely,  by just viewing some ads for like either 60s, 30s or 20s depending on the kind of ads available,  they normally pay out every monday, their minimum withdrawal is 15000 satoshi, So its interesting guys, you can Register here.

√  Btcclicks

This site is the best site ever, they have been paying out bitcoin for quite a long time now, the way you earn is that you view ads like i mensioned about bitforclicks,  they are almost the same, the difference is that this site pay within 14hours of your withdrawal, thats why i call it the best it pays earlier than every other site, click here to register with them.

How to double your bits

Coinr bot

Earn double of your investment in 100hrs ( 4 days 4hrs)  and Withdraw straight to your  Nigerian Bank account. I want to reveal another money making opportunity tested and confirmed by me to those interested. 
Earn double of your investment in 100hrs, that means if you invest $100 you get $200 back in 4 days. I invested $100 and got paid $200 after four days and I have reinvested again no time to waste. You must have telegram application on your Android phone /iphone  before you register or registered to telegram Web version on your pc because it works with telegram, for those interested below is the  registration link. 

Profit bot

Profit bot is a telegram robot, that pays you for completing offers and surveys, for also surfing some web links the bot pays really,  it was the first telegram that paid, the minimum withdrawal is 0.001 btc which is $1, thats a cool one to start up with, so you can join.. Click here 

Here are proves of earnings 

How to earn money from bitcoin
Prove of payment from bitmaker app
How to earn money from bitcoin
Prove of payment from bitforclicks 
How to earn money from bitcoin
Prove of payment from moonbit

This are all payment proves i have for now, men should i believe this??  Yes you should its real make your money from bitcoin now, start gathering them from this site. If you want to get your bitcoin faster you can buy,  just contact me... 

How Can I Convert My Bitcoin to Physical Cash?

This is not a problem at all, you’ll always see people that want to buy your bitcoin from you everyday. To easily convert it to physical cash without worrying too much on how to get who to buy it from you, go to and sign up or you can also use bitx wallet. 

Once you are signed up, upload your Proof of ID, Wait to be verified
The rest is a work through steps

√  Another option is to go to, sign up and you are good to go. 

Make use of Lara to generate 3% of your income daily for life, you can join lara here. 

Hope this is helpful? If you have questions or inquires please use the comment box, and also share this post to ur friends if you enjoyed it... 
Thank you, see you at the top. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

 Freebies Giveaway from Bloggersprof let's make it big, grab yours!

Freebies Giveaway from Bloggersprof let's make it big, grab yours!

Hi, My Awesome Readers of bloggersprof, I have been thinking of a way to appreciate those that have been visiting my blog right from day 1, I really am grateful to you, without you all bloggersprof won't be in existence, it's because of you that am writing all my helpful contents on this blog, my most thank you is to those who have been commenting on this blog, you don't know how important you are to me thanks so much I appreciate, keep it up I will continue serving you with the best you need.
Free give away from
Free give away from 

So now to the deal of the day,  just want to give some freebies to my readers and fans worldwide, it's just small but please it's from my heart accept it, I will be happy if you do more are coming. I will reward my top commentors and fans every month ending with awesome surprises and rewards.

How today's Reward goes 

Now this is how it goes, those who know me and participated in the one that was done in cyberbaze knows how it went. You will drop your phone number below in the comment box and immediately you will receive the amount of data I would send to you, that's it as easy as that. So start dropping your numbers,  and also if you want to join our exclusive whatsapp group Now!  Just follow the link below :

Bloggersprof Tutorials Group, join now and get updated no spamming.

Click the link to follow...

Now start dropping your Numbers, The promo begins... 
√ Note: Etisalat users only, we don't have other network operators but next time it would be available, share this post so that your friends can participate, don't use old opera mini, use other browsers. Thank you.

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How to start making money from bitcoin
See Secrets on How I drove reasonable traffic to my blog from facebook 
 Join the thread now... See you at the top.
Lara_with_me the new telegram bot that pays, let's talk about it

Lara_with_me the new telegram bot that pays, let's talk about it

Everyday New ways of making cool money keeps coming, I got to ask myself will I be left out, NO, only the wise will know that in this time of recession he should be a part of this and get his own money and stop complaining about the government, Everything is just a risk, to become rich there are risk you have to take, so take it guys. Let me show to you with this great opportunity again and I know some doubting Thomas will be quick to call it a ponzi scheme but hell No! It is not. 

How to make money from
Having one source of income is a risk. Inshort, it is more dangerous to have one source of income.

Let me move straight to the point, Lara is an investment opportunity that pays(offers) you 3% dialy profit for life, Just like this two others I mensioned and profit bot. It is the latest Money Maker in town and I don’t want you to miss it. You’ve too much talked about Naira, let’s concentrate on making money in dollars.

Lara - is an interactive robot, that is able to work with your money and pay you 3% of your net profit daily. Your investment is active for a lifetime. The mission of Lara_With_Me is to make sure that your constant wealth, safety and financial freedom will help you be able to do whatever you want. Help you live freely, plan and think freely for your future. Based on how highly secured Telegram's platform is, Lara can be considered as the most reliable tool to make massive income.

Generating Massive Income

Lara accepts investment from all the users in a marketing of 3% daily profit for the lifetime of the plan. Deposit is not refunded. Investment amounts start from $15 and include $15 - 50 - 100 - 250 - 500 – 1000 - 2000 - 3000 - 5000 - 10000 - 15000 - 20000 - 30000 - 40000 - 50000

How does it work?

√  First of all, make sure you have a Telegram app installed on device or download one (AndroidiOS or PC)
√  Join and start dialoging with Lara here

How Will Lara Pay Me?

Lara makes use of plenty payment platforms ranging from payza, perfect money, bitcoin, Payeer, but I currently utilize bitcoin (you can open a free bitcoin account here)
I have long been into it and it pays me daily. Well, it is time to make your money grow, Chat with lara here and be part of the community of daily profiters. Once you are part of the community, you’ll know more about lara.

Highlight of Larawithme

√  Highly encrypted and secure telegram platformm
√  Quick and convenient sign up system(very easy)
√  Daily profit of 3% on your investment as low as 15$
√  90% profit on your money in 30days.
√  Fastest Withdrawal into your Digital wallet about 0.5seconds!(very fast)
√  Multiple payment platforms ranging from Bitcoin, Payza, Perfect Money, Payeer and many more
√  Smooth Lara_with_me bot with cool AI (artificial intelligence)
√  Alerts you when you have any funds in your wallet.
√  Schedule withdrawal and pays. 

Is this Lara post helpful? Now Come lets talk about Lara together! please drop your comments, and kindly share post to your friends.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Everything you need to know about bitcoin, Make your Money Now

Everything you need to know about bitcoin, Make your Money Now

Everyone is interested in making money, but the fact is that, is either you fail or you success. Success always come when you mingle with the right people people that same goal with you, last time I talked about how to make money from winthrillsnetwork, well that was a cool, on my next post I will give an important article about MMM.

Today I would be talking about bitcoin, at first when I discovered bitcoin as at May, 2016, I thought it won't yield anything, but I discovered that it's a good money you should go for.

How to make money with bitcoin

What is Bitcoin 

Bitcoin is a form of digital currency, created and held electronically. No one controls it. Bitcoins aren’t printed, like dollars or euros – they’re produced by people, and increasingly businesses, running computers all around the world, using software that solves mathematical problems. It’s the first example of a growing category of money known as cryptocurrency.

If you are going to investigate Bitcoin, there are a couple of things you ought to know. Bitcoin gives you a chance to trade cash uniquely in contrast to with normal banks. All things considered, you ought to require some investment to educate yourself before utilizing Bitcoin for any genuine exchange. Bitcoin ought to be regarded with the same consideration as your normal wallet, or considerably more now and again!

How can I get a bitcoin wallet 

Getting a bitcoin wallet is really an essential part of making money from bitcoin, if you don't have wallet how would you make money, you save and make money with your wallet.
Now there are two types of wallet I would recommend for you:

√   Blockchain

Blockchain is one of the wallet you can use to save your bitcoin, it is highly secured, it has two securing medium, through password and through your 12 recovery words (fund back up), please i will advice you, if you want to go for blockchain wallet please write down your password don't forget it thats the 1st one,your four pins, and also know your 12 recovery words,  locate it at the top left of your wallet dashboard, click the menu there and select backup funds, write the down its very important not just to make money but to secure the money you have made. To get a blockchain wallet go to play store, and search for blockchain wallet, you will find it, install it and start making your money. 


Bitx is also a very good wallet infact I call it the best wallet, it has many amazing features, in bitx you can know the amount of bitcoin you have in naira and one most amazing thing is you can withdraw your funds directly to your bank account, and presently a feature was added you can buy bitcoin from there, but before you can withdraw your money to your bank account,  you must verify your account. To get a bitx wallet search for bitx in play store install it and sign up and start making your money.

How to start making money from bitcoin 

Making your money from bitcoin is in two ways, is either you go through the gradual process of gathering it or you buy it. On my next post I will be stating the sites and apps you can make more bits from. Presently bitcoin's value in other currency are really interesting and mind blowing for those newly joining it:

√  1btc = $614.50
√  1btc = N314567.50
√  1btc = €547.02

The value varies in different countries, these are the present value of bitcoin to other currency.

Bitcoin gathering 

There are many ways to gather your bitcoin, they are listed below :

√  Getting them from sites that pays to carry out some surveys.
√  Zarfund orientation I know majority of us don't know about zarfund orientation. I will explain more about that, it's an organization just like h2i, you can start up with a minimum of 0.03btc when you invest that then you will invite two people, after which you will be paid 0.06 thats a clue of how it goes. 
√  Getting bitcoin from games, this is for game lovers, as for me I have nothing to do with games for now, lol...

These are the best way I know you can make money from bitcoin, if you know more please tell us about it below using the comment box. I will explain better on them on my next post soon... 

Is this helpful?, did you encounter any problem, or do you know more about bitcoin just don't forget to use the comment box And share this post to your friends and loved once. See you at the top. 

Friday, September 30, 2016

How to Earn cool cash from link shortener Now

How to Earn cool cash from link shortener Now

Hi, My Amazing Readers of bloggersprof, Today I will show you a new way I discovered to make money online through link shortening.  This way is an amazing way you can make it online by sharing  your links with your friends, Make Money from every single link you have,  Have fun while you read on.
How to make money from

Have you been searching for an approach to make money with your blog, yet you can't find a legible way ? Have you been dumped by Google Adsense and numerous advertisements system? Today am cheerful to let you know that you can make one serious cash by simply shorting your links. is a recently launched and one of the quickest rising url shortening administration where you can abbreviate your URL and get paid on each visit your abbreviated URL haveIt's very easy to earn from this network because they dont only count unique visits to your shortened URL but they also count multiple visit from a particular visitor which means you will benefit from every traffic coming to your blog.

Not like other URL shrinking services, provide a flexible and convenient user interface (UI and is additionally equiped with numerous tools that can make you monitor your links and maximize your earnings. Starting today offers $1.5 per 1000views for all countries, if you are not earning from, you are quite missing alot. The following is a finished audit on

Sign Up and Approval 

There is no special skills in signing up, you can sign up for an account in just 2 minutes. Simple click on Get Started buttonfill up the registration form and finally submit it. You will get approved instantly once you complete the signing up. Now start shrinking and sharing your urls with your audience and start earning in no time.

Advertisement Formats offers interstitial ads, these are advertisements that shows up before the required site page. To pass this, ad visitors are only required to do a "not a robot test" andwait for 3 seconds before the final destination.

Payout Rates offers an engaging payout rates, as of this time this administration offers the most highest rate of $2.80 per 1000views for traffics originating from UK and the least rate of $1.5. These rates contrast for various countries and changes practically on regular routine. To be updated regularly, check their payout rate page.

Minimum Payouts 

As of today, like all other ad shrinking services offers a minimum payout rate of $5 only. You can payout onPayPal and Payza presently.

Referal Programs powers a stunning referal programs which offers 20% lifetime commission on all the income of the considerable number of individuals referred by you. It astounding right?

Payment Assurance 

Payment is made automatically by system to their publishers on 1st and 15th of every month. This is the best link shortening network ever, Are you scared of not getting paid? You don't have to. Below is the payment proof from, given to Slim baba of fixmansion. 
How to make money from payment proof
A proof of payment from

Blogging is more fun and interesting when you can have something to buy what you nee,nothing must be wasted including your linksWhy don't you start earning with them? Are you ready to start earning with Click the below button to register.

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Don't forget to drop your feedback and keep sharing with your friends on social media. 

Happy Blogging. All credit to the fixmansion

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Make Money on YouTube fast Now discover the tip.

Make Money on YouTube fast Now discover the tip.

Making money online is one of the things I will encourage a youth or an adult to start doing, it helps you build your confidence that one day you will be financially free. Making money online is the easiest thing to do, it just needs your patience and focus, there are two main source where I make cool money from, its YouTube and blogging. Like I always say utilize every money making opportunity you have to make wealth,Linda ikeji, yomiprof and jide ogbonge,they never gave up and today they are successful.

We would be talking about YouTube today, Have you been searching for a route on the most proficient method to make money with YouTube or with your YouTube Account? You may have numerous subscribers and numerous viewers of your YouTube Account, yet don't have the foggiest idea about any approach to profit with it, furthermore regardless of the possibility that you don't have subscribers or viewers, you will at this time have the capacity to profit copiously even at your beggining step. You can even profit more than $50,000 when you have numerous subscribers and viewers that like to watch your videos.

Numerous individuals go into blogging so as to profit online, though even without that, you can profit when you are great in giving special and helpful videos and accommodating videos that will make your viewers get intrigued to dependably return for additional. This technique for profiting with YouTube is the most ideal way and lawful approach to make cool money with your videos online with no stress.

All things considered, You don't make money into your account with the measure of subscribers you have. You make money from the view of individual's engagement with the advertisement. Engagement here means clicking or viewing an advertisement for over 30 seconds that is always appearing before the video. So in the event that you have YouTube fans that always watch your advertisement for more than 30seconds or the one's that dependably tap the advertisement, you will profit in each consistent schedule.
How to make money on YouTube
The more views on your ads the more money you make 

Guideline to make money with your youtube Videos or on YouTube

So all what we are going to do here is to create a YouTube channel, post a video and link the YouTube account with Google Adsense keeping in mind the end goal to begin making cool money. So how as we go ahead underneath;

√  Create a new gmail account, make sure you use USA as your location but you can use your Nigerian number to verify.

√  After creating it, now go to,click sign in at the top right end of your screen, mean while to locate that in with your Android phone, swipe left and switch to desktop mode.

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√  Now click on the icon at the left top end of your screen and select my channel, then create your channel from there, it will tell you to create channel with the name on your gmail but you can change it and choose a business or official name.
How to make money on YouTube

So your YouTube channel will be shown to you then if you don't have any video on it, kindly upload a video maybe a video that you framed without anyone else not from different sites videos or copyrighted videos then click upload at the upper right corner in the site. And upload your video(s) put in the titles the descriptions and the tags and publish it.

Monetize and Make Money

So in the wake of uploading your Video(s) then tap on MONETIZE VIDEO then you need to Monetize it now so benevolently click here and you will be taken to the monetization field where you will have the capacity to sign up for Google Adsense with that Gmail account you utilized when creating your YouTube account.

Now Sign up for Google Adsense by clicking here and fill the data accurately then after you have correctly created your Adsense account, you will then sit tight for your Adsense Account to get approved which will take 1 or 2hours.

At that point you will get an affirmation and message of approval after your Adsense have been approved, so login your Adsense account with the gmail you utilized when signing up for the Adsense account.

Now go back to your YouTube channels and link it to Google Adsense by utilizing the link provided on the monetization field. So after that you will then have your channel approved which implies you are done monetizing and can start making money.

So continue uploading frequently and get numerous subscribers and likes on your videos that then your cash will read in the Adsense account when anyone watch the advertisement for 30seconds or click the advertisement on the video.

So you have effectively begin posting your video. You have to discover your viewers and you can turn into a mogul with this YouTube profiting style or strategy above. It is extremely straightforward and simple, why it is long that way, is on the grounds that I need all overcoats to comprehend it completely.

Is this post useful? Do you experience any issue while attempting to set this up or do you confront any difficulties while setting this up, compassionately inquire as to whether you have more questions or additional approach and if it works for you, kindly share your experience!

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Monday, September 26, 2016

Do you know you can make money from telegram?

Do you know you can make money from telegram?

It's a reality to me that everything that comes out newly in the world of technology can be used to make money(wealth) that's the reason I choose this niche, to always drop for you my best Audience and readers the latest on how you can make some money. I Sincerely tell you from experience that making money online is a task to think about, it's easy if you make it easy for yourself,can you believe it telegram is not only for chat, you can use it to make money.

I recently discovered a new way to make money from telegram. 
How to make money from telegram

What is telegram

Telegram is a social media which helps you to interact with your friends and loved ones, just like whatsapp, facebook, twitter and so on. Telegram has existed a long time ago, people are using it to interact with each other, though the popularity isn't as whatsapp and some other social medias.

How to make money from telegram 

Some of you might be wondering is it possible to make money from telegram, yeah its true, you can make money from it by completing some offers from robots. Every Robot has what they can offer, like for this two robots I have tested and comfirm that they are working perfectly.

Steps Required

√   You need a telegram application on your phone if you don't have download it from playstore.

√   You will need the robots on your telegram which I will drop.

√   I will advice you to get a bitcoin wallet because that's where they will pay you into then you transfer it to your bank account. To get a bitcoin wallet simply register one here , there are Many bitcoin wallets out there I will talk on that on my next post.

Two telegram Robot you should use 

These are the two I have recently discovered if I find more I will let you know:

√  Profit Robot

Those are the two robots I have for now I will show you how to use them to make money on telegram.

Profit Robot

Profit Robot is a bot that you use to complete offers and earn coins, you can earn from browsing websites, you can earn from referring someone.
That's how you can use it, you will understand it, it's user friendly...This is how you contact profit robot click on this link , that's all chat up with the robot it's user friendly.

How profit Robot pays 

Profit Robot pays in 5 ways :
√  PayPal 
√  Bitcoin 
√  Webmoney
√  Yandex Money 
√  QIWI 
How to make money from telegram
So that's all you need to know about profit Robot. is basically for those who have bitcoin wallet and have some funds in it, I remember when I started bitcoin, I became zillious and in less than a month I earned 0.007btc that was because I started having feelings that it's a waste of time but I learnt to realize that it's not,  you can really withdraw your bits and you can also sell them to intrested business men Ufarblog or you trade it. helps you to double your bitcoin like e.g if you have 0.5btc in your wallet it can double it for you to 1btc in 100 hrs. That's just what it's all about you deposit and withdraw btcs.

How to make money from telegram
It's a money making opportunity to those interested. Earn double of your investment in 100hrs, that means if you invest $100 you get $200 back in 4 days. You must have telegram application on your Android phone before you register or registered to telegram Web version on your pc because it works with telegram. To register follow this link it's easy... That's the two Robots for making money in telegram.

Is this post helpful?, if you come across any problem just let us know through the comment box, and also if you know more robots you can outlist them below. Thank you see you at the top. :)

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Do you want to really make money let's talk about winthrills

Do you want to really make money let's talk about winthrills

Hi, Everyone today is a great day happy Sunday to you all. Today we would be talking about how to make money on this great ad network. You know it depends on you to either make money or make wealth from winthrillsnetwork. What do I mean?, Making money simply means to make your money weather online, your working place or self employed. But making wealth means is allowing your money to work for you I won't go beyond the main thing I will talk about. So you decide is either you make wealth or make money from winthrillsnetwork.
How to make money. Bloggersprof

What is Winthrillsnetwork

Winthrillsnetwork is an advertising service(network),it creates a room that helps advertisers to advertise their businesses and products and for promoters to promote the ads and make money. That's what its all about

How do I join Winthrillsnetwork 

Winthrillsnetwork is indeed the best and simple advertising network I have ever seen it so easy it puts a smile on my face and it will on yours just follow Me. 


√  Click here to register on winthrills 
Remember to put all your correct and real Infomations.
√  After registering activate your account put your correct email because that's where every updates will be sent. 
√  Remember to read their terms & conditions so that you will not be banned, if you are banned all your money goes away except if you are an investor, so just imagine you have much money there and you are banned so take #Note. 

How to promote ads 

After register the next thing on your mind is to promote ads, but know that there are two types of ads to promote we have the banner ads and text ads. 

Who can promote ads

√  Those who are on your social medias: you can promote the text ads on your social media page please take #Note many people are blocked but they don't know why all this little things sometimes winthrills over look them but it's better to be safe, men if you have been in social media for long it's time to make money, if you have more followers or friends you will make more money per unique clicks . 
√  Then those who have blogs can make the most from their traffic by just pasting the available text ads on their blog when visitors click on them it will be counted,  then now if you get alot of traffic to your blog you will make the most. So it's in two ways weather you have a blog or not you will make it through social media but I tell you the truth bloggers will make more from this network, you can check out my post on how to start up a blog , it's best if you have both social media and a blog because you will earn the most. Let me give you an you an Instance that will help, me and my friends in a winthrills group we normally do challenges of who will earn high so at the end of the day you wouldn't want your friend to pass you so you earn. 

Process to promote ads

√ click on promoters center 
√ choose between banner and text ads the one you want to promote.
√ when it opens for a new member you will see blank space but click on promote, it will take you to available ads to promote.
√ click on the orange color there, a pop up will appear click on it copy your ads and go and promote it, if its text just go and paste it on your social media page,  but if its banner: 

Follow this procedure 

√  Login to your blog 
√  Click on layout 
√  Click on add a gadget 
√  Select html/javascript.
√ On the page that opens paste the banner code you copied from your winthrills promoting page and click save, that's all it will appear. 
 That's all for promoting and one more thing.

How to know an active ads you are to promote

 Know that winthrills won't pay you for inactive ads, knowing active text ads and banner ads are different.
√ When a text ads is active it will always appear in the text ads promotion page.
√ When a banner ads is active you will see it at the banner promotion page but after you promote it disappears , now to know if it's active it will show in the main page of winthrillsnetwork.

Where to promote ads and which ads to promote 

It's very important to know this. You can only promote text ads on facebook and your blog, if you try promoting on twitter, twitter won't alow it, I don't know of other social medias but facebook is safer. Back then as at last two months ago twitter was the best place to make cool cash because clicks comes from there alot expecially when you retweet but after twitter blocked posting of any links from winthrills facebook and blog has been the only source of earning. So banners is for blog only and text ads for both blog and social media.
You can make much money of winthrills I have withdrawn many times I will drop my screenshot for you to see. 

How withdrawing goes 

Winthrillsnetwork withdrawing is really a good one very sweet, like you will be very . Yeah but to serious its a great day like today lol 
25th of Every month is the date of withdrawal like today I requested withdrawal.
Here are my proves for earnings 

The fact here is that to everything there is a secret... 

To get more tips on how to make the money really high, higher than you expect contact me 

Thanks for reading my post hope you gained something I will be explaining more tips later...