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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Freegive away from bloggersprof, Grab your 5gb/10gb now!.

Freegive away from bloggersprof, Grab your 5gb/10gb now!.

Today is another great day, its been a while since i posted, people has been asking me to post,  i told them soon so my  posting will commence consistently soon. Today i want to give another free bonus giveaway to all my fans and followers this time it's gonna be big,  as i promised, remember the big! big!! big!!! giveaway is coming month ending, expect it, it will be better than this.
Freegiveaway from
Freegiveaway from 

This giveaway goes this way,  last time i told all my fans and friends to drop their number, to get the data, today no need of dropping numbers, just read on let's move straight to the point.

Here is how it goes

You can get this bonus like this:
√  Put your airtel sim in your phone,  this time it works with airtel.
√  Download IMEL generator click here to do so. 
√  Here is the Raw imel you can use IMEL generator to generate more IMEL, when you generate an imel this is how it looks like 861143032363166, so here is the bomb,  to save you all the stress i will drop upto 50valid imels that will work for. 
√  When you get ur valid imel just go to message, type S861143032363166 this is how it will look like, then send it to 232.
√  They will reply you "Your phone is not provisionable" ignore it and send Join to 141.
Note: We are talking about Airtel sim, if the first IMEL did not work try another one, it doesn't matter weather the sim is new or old, it must work, am telling you i said it must work!! Lol... 
√  After sending Join they might reply you or not just go to your dialer and dial *140# to check your balance, you must see your 5gb worth of data. Isn't that amazing from bloggersprof, to get 10gb on 1 sim use sms bomober. 

This is the best thing i thought i could do for my fans right now,  i want you all to get your own 5gb from Airtel Now before it is too late...

Here are the list of valid imel 


There is the list of valid imel i generated up there, if you have exausted all the imel up there and you need more, just ask me in the comment box and i will generate another for.

Do you find this helpful,  please share this post to your friends,  and kindly drop a comment please,  because i know it must work for you.  Thank you.. See you at the top.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Win Free itel1516 plus Now! Promo is presently active!, Join

Win Free itel1516 plus Now! Promo is presently active!, Join

I have been wondering if i should post this,and finally made up my mind to tell my fans, I discovered that Itel has started doing promo for their new product called Itel1516 plus, just few days ago, its gonna be a wonderful one today i will show you, how to participate in the promo, without thinking twice, it's 100% Real.

How to participate in the new airtel promo
Join and Win. 

All what the promo is all about is a phone, here are some info about it.

Specification of Itel 1516 plus

√  5.0 ips screen
√  1GB RAM and 8GB Internal Memory
√  1.2GHz CPU
√  Run on Android 5.1 lollipop
√  Dual camera
√  OTG Adapter
√  Wifi hotspot
√  5000mAh last long battery

How to participate and win promo prize

This offer begins from October 1st and will stop or end on October 14th and the winners will be announced on Facebook and given their special prices(phone). So weather you have a smartphone or not who cares, you can participate and win your price.

√  Click here and log in with Facebook account. Press the "Bargain now!" to start the bargain activity. The price will be deducted randomly.

√  You can also invite your friends to help by pressing the "share to friends" button. The more friends you share the link, the more money will be deducted.

√  You will get the price according to your final performance you have.

Anyone who gets a bargain price to 0.01 NGN will win one it1516 Plus for free.

Anyone who gets a bargain price between 0.02-12100 NGN (will pay half the amount of it1516 Plus, which may be different depending on the country you are).

√  When all the activities are over, itel Mobile will release the list of winners and the involved shops to get your phone on the Facebook page.

 itel Mobile reserves the right of final interpretation for this activity.

Note: Anyone who is found cheating or doing some kind of fraudulent will be disqualified from attending any itel activities in the future. So hurry and participate now,  we have 9days to go.

Is it helpful? No doubt, Its high time you participate for the Itel promo and get your phone(award) or you can also, share your link in comment box below in order to get more bargain. See you at the top.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

 Freebies Giveaway from Bloggersprof let's make it big, grab yours!

Freebies Giveaway from Bloggersprof let's make it big, grab yours!

Hi, My Awesome Readers of bloggersprof, I have been thinking of a way to appreciate those that have been visiting my blog right from day 1, I really am grateful to you, without you all bloggersprof won't be in existence, it's because of you that am writing all my helpful contents on this blog, my most thank you is to those who have been commenting on this blog, you don't know how important you are to me thanks so much I appreciate, keep it up I will continue serving you with the best you need.
Free give away from
Free give away from 

So now to the deal of the day,  just want to give some freebies to my readers and fans worldwide, it's just small but please it's from my heart accept it, I will be happy if you do more are coming. I will reward my top commentors and fans every month ending with awesome surprises and rewards.

How today's Reward goes 

Now this is how it goes, those who know me and participated in the one that was done in cyberbaze knows how it went. You will drop your phone number below in the comment box and immediately you will receive the amount of data I would send to you, that's it as easy as that. So start dropping your numbers,  and also if you want to join our exclusive whatsapp group Now!  Just follow the link below :

Bloggersprof Tutorials Group, join now and get updated no spamming.

Click the link to follow...

Now start dropping your Numbers, The promo begins... 
√ Note: Etisalat users only, we don't have other network operators but next time it would be available, share this post so that your friends can participate, don't use old opera mini, use other browsers. Thank you.

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