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Welcome to Bloggersprof!! Thanks for taking time to visit our about page. Here you’ll know about Bloggersprof  and me.      
Let’s start with Bloggersprof. Bloggersprof  is a blog for Bloggers,Creative Entrepreneurs,Webmasters, small Business Owners and the general public at large in the world of Technology. It covers several topic like Blogging, , Make Money Blogging and Online, Best Blogger Templates,Technology, Social Plugins and much more.
We offer posts that can help you in the following without having any problems or difficulties;

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√  Create and run a successful blogger blog with ease.
√  Get new blogger template.
√  Get the latest news in the world of technology.
√  How to make money online.
√  To know the right social plugin for your blog.

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About Me

Meet the Man Behind Bloggersprof.com

My name is Miracle Herbert (the man behind Bloggersprof.com) and I'm  from Imo State, Nigeria. I'm a Blogger, i blog to help solve some problems of people about blogging and making money online. I found out that sharing what I have learnt for years to help other newbie bloggers out there is cool, so I started giving more time and energy on this blog. My main goal is to publish useful and Helpful posts to make my readers world of blogging journey easier.

Bloggersprof is not my first blog. My blogging journey started with a multi purpose blog named Cyberbaze.com  in December 20115. At that time, Blogging was fun to me. I loved to share different news, tips, tricks on technology, entertainment and news. I had no idea that I can make money from blogging, Adsense was the only known monetization way to me.

I later realized that sharing what I have learned with others is cool, I asked my self, am I turning into a prof ?? because people call me one, that question brought about the name "Bloggersprof". This is how Bloggersprof.com came to Existence.

Talking about myself, I’m a very simple guy who lives an easygoing life,am very friendly. I love to share what I’ve learned. I'm studying Computer Engineering in the University, I finished my S.S.S from Grace Land International  School . I love learning.

Apart from blogging, I love reading spiritual books, watching series/movies, hang out and play games . You can connect with me on FacebookTwitter  and Google+ or mail on Princebrainlord@gmail.com.

We don't post on what to do, we post on how to do it efficiently.If you need our help or you are a blogger, webmaster or a small business owner, you can join with us.

Stayed turned on this blog to make your Tech and blogging journey easier.....

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