How to verify your bitx wallet address and withdraw bitcoins straight to your bank account.

- December 23, 2016
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Good day to all my fans and readers, it's been really really a long time I have posted here on my blog, alot of fans and peeps has been on my neck they want me to drop a post because my posts are usually helpful. But I am back now, just got to get some good cash lol. Today I will be sharing to you some new ways on how to withdraw bitcoin, directly to your bank account.

I can proudly say that I love bitcoin, it's the best currency, just in a month I left my blog to focus on bitcoin I made $860 wow that's awesome well today I will be sharing some tips on how  I made it to everyone interested in making money online, we won't be talking about all those scams and telegram bot, take note all telegram bots are scam don't fall for any.
The best wallet the world would know. 

Now today we would be dealing on how to verify your bitx wallet and withdraw straight to your bank account, its very easy to do just follow this steps.

How to create and verify your bitx wallet address.

√  The first step is to get the wallet go to playstore download bitx wallet.

√  Just sign in with your email, there are two ways bitx operates, just like mobile banking and online banking, but for the app just click on sign in and use your mail, put in your 4digit pin. Wow Your new bitx bitcoin wallet is created now.

√  Verification has been made easy with bitx, the reason for verification is for you to be able to withdraw your bitcoin straight to your bank, with this you won't worry about who to buy your bitcoin.

√  It has four levels of verification, for level 1 it's simple I will explain that, from level 2-4 you will use your Nation Id, drivers license or International passport, National Id recommended.

Steps to verify bitx wallet

√ After signing in to your wallet address, click on verify identity.

√  A page will roll up, put in your phone number, a code will be sent to you just like the way you verify whatsapp.

√  Another Page will roll up telling you to put your name and date of birth, make sure the name you put will be the name on your bank account, after that you will receive a message like this.

That's the simple trick you will receive a congratulations that your wallet has been verified. Then click on withdraw to bank account and put your account details there.

Note: You have some limits to level 1 Verification, which is your deposit and withdrawal all time shouldn't go beyond N200,000, if goes beyond your account will be temporarily blocked till you summit level 2 verification details, so guys enjoy this, bitx is the best wallet so far less charges and withdrawal straight to your bank account.

Is this helpful, please ask any questions you have below and share posts with your friends, remember we are here to keep you updated,  invite your friends here.

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Do you think you've succeed In scamming me? Ain't you ashamed to be call a Christian? Let's wait and see what will happen.........


This level 1 limit, does it mean u can't accumulate more than 200,000 naira worth of Bitcoin in ur wallet? Kindly throw more light please.


Hi, Emmanuel thanks for commenting, yes you cannot accumulate more than 200,000 naira in the wallet if you do the account will be blocked.

I would advice if you want to withdraw have to separate wallet
1 that isn't verified, then store all your btc there.
Then create a second one Use it to withdraw 200,000 naira worth btc after that forget the wallet and create more wallet.
That's it.


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