OMG!!! The new adsense scam please beware and don't fall victim.

- October 03, 2016
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Hi, Readers of bloggersprof, I am here today to tell you about an important secret you might not know about, these secrets will open your eyes for you to be free from the scam people are doing with google adsense, my friend fell for it, he was duped 30k for naija adsense, I once posted a way you can Make money from adsense apart from blogging.
Stop spamming of google
Scamming should be stopped 

This adsense scam is not that common everywhere, I discovered it not too long last two month ago,  if you have been a consistent reader of this blog right from day one, you would notice that when I started the blog I had adsense on it, some people was surprised, some thought I bought the adsense, but I used that trick, let me tell you about it and how it's a scam.

How it works 

I will be honest with you the best way to get adsense is either you follow the approval process or you buy one. I don't know if you have heard of YouTube Adsense, I explain how you can get YouTube adsense in 5hours, it's easy if it passes 5hours then am not a blogger. There are two ways you can get google adsense on YouTube, it's either you use admob or you follow the 5hours method anyway goes but if you want to make money from YouTube, please use the 5hours method it's more real. Now when you get YouTube adsense in your channel, do you know that there's a trick you can use to show the adsense on your blog. You can try it your self and see. 

√  Make sure your YouTube adsense is approved. 
√  Login to your adsense account, at the top right click on the icon of signing out copy your publisher id, and save it on your note pad, edit it on this text below.
√  Edit your WEBSITE URL 

<script type="text/javascript"> google_ad_client = "PUBLISHER-ID"; google_ad_host = "PUBLISHER-ID"; google_ad_width =300; google_ad_height =600; google_ad_type = "text_image"; google_color_border = "FFFFFF"; google_color_bg = "ffffff"; google_color_link = "0000ff"; google_color_text = "000000"; google_color_url = "0088000"; google_page_url = "YOUR WEBSITE URL"//--></script><script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

√  copy the Edited code to your blog and paste, you will be surprised your adsense will show live.
Now here is where the problem is,  your ads will continue to show but you won't get any earnings from there,this is it.

So many people has used it as an opportunity to steal money(scam) from people, they will sell the adsense for you it won't even show hosted adsense on your adsense dashboard it would look very real to you but beware it's a scam, so I am here to stop that, before you buy adsense, contact somebody you trust to sell for you.

Is this a helpful info?  Did you test it and see if it's true,  let us know through the comment box, appreciate our work here by dropping and comment, don't forget to share to your friends,inform everyone thank you.

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