How to purchase/buy Airtime/Data on Any Network In Nigeria with bitcoin

- October 15, 2016
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Bitcoin is presently the moving train it is better you join the train now, so you would be among those that will make it,  nevertheless i mensioned some time ago about what you need to know about bitcoin, how you can open an account, and i also talked about how to withdraw your money straight to your bank account. Now today i will be talking about how to buy Airtime with bitcoin, lets talk about that.
How to buy airtime and data with bitcoin

Bitcoin is such an amazing cryptocurrency that pays, at first in may 2016 when i discovered bitcoin, i took it as child's play but i realised its not, it has many features, there are many things you can do with bitcoin, like everyone knows that you can withdraw your money to cash,  you can sell it to people that buy,  but today i will be talking about how to buy airtime with it,  the airtime would be normal airtime.

What you can do with bitcoin

There are many benefits and uses of bitcoin, infact why are my saying all this, bitcoin is another currency just like dollar, naira, euro etc... Here are list of what you can do with bitcoin:

√  You can use bitcoin to buy/purchase goods online. 
√  You can use bitcoin to provide help in mmm, Learn More.
√  You can use bitcoin to invest in swisscoin, i will do a post on this soon. 
√  You can withdraw your money to your bank account. 
√  You can sell your bitcoin to sites that buys bitcoin or you can sell to close friends or individual who wants to buy and invest their bitcoin. 
√  And now here is our hitting point today,  you can buy/purchase airtime of (Mtn, Etisalat, Airtel and Etisalat, more.. ), in Nigeria with bitcoin,  when you buy the airtime you can use it to subscribe for data. 

How to Use bitcoin to buy Airtime 

Straight to the point, follow my steps :
√  Go to

How to buy airtime and data with bitcoin

Enter any phone number

We can top up prepaid SIM cards from over 600 operators in 150 countries. Is your phone supported? Type in the number and find out!

How to buy airtime and data with bitcoin

Select an amount

Our fees are the most competitive for online top ups. Using Bitcoin allows us to cut costs, and pass the savings on to you.
How to buy airtime and data with bitcoin

Pay with Bitcoin

You have Full privacy. The top up happens as soon as the transaction clears, normally within 10 minutes. The top up activation is automatic for supported operators. For other operators we will send you a PIN code and instructions by email. on to you.

Thats it about how to buy airtime with bitcoin, its if you are into bitcoin you will enjoy this as an advantage.

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