How to open a bitcoin account, earn, double your earnings and withdraw your money to physical cash.

- October 07, 2016
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I recently discovered that people are now interested in bitcoin because of its high rate of popularity now in telegram, but nevertheless, I would be talking today on how to get money into your bitcoin wallet and how to go about your funds, weather you would withdraw it or you sell it to someone, I talked about everything you need to know about bitcoin and how to create your wallet, create your wallet let's move to today's deal.

There are many ways to get money into your wallet, you can buy and you can also earn it, I want to show you list of sites you can earn bits from fast, After so many online research on how to get free bitcoins, I came across many website that give out a good amount of Bitcoins every few minutes and when you reach a particular amount they send your earning directly to your bitcoin wallet. I am presently using them and am getting payment from them. Below are some of the sites I recommend for you, but before that lets talk about bitcoin address. 
How to create a bitcoin account
Earn Money from Bitcoin now

What is bitcoin address 

Bitcoin address is a single-use token. Like e-mail addresses, you can send bitcoins to a person by sending bitcoins to one of their addresses. Bitcoin address is like your bank account number, which you can use to receive money from other recipients.

However, unlike e-mail addresses, people have many different Bitcoin addresses and a unique address should be used for each transaction.

How Can I Get A Bitcoin Account?

A bitcoin account is also called a bitcoin wallet, so they are synonimous the difference is when someone asks you, do you have a bitcoin account you would say yes i have a bitcoin account in blockchain wallet or bitx or xapo etc.. , so you can get your account on any wallet, but i recommend bitx

To get any wallet you like go to playstore and search for them,  if you like blockchain wallet search for it, download it and sign up,  after signing up the next thing is to fund your bitcoin wallet/account. Below i listed some sites you can get bitcoin from. 

List of sites you get bitcoin From

√  Moonbit

 Moonbits is one of the best sites to go for, they are reliable, they have been paying botcoin to people, for a long time and they work with time, you will have to gather your bits(its normally called satoshi) when ever ever you claim they will pay you, they pay Every Saturday you can Register Here

√  Bitmaker 

Bitmaker is the best bitcoin application that pays weekly (Every Sunday Morning) They pay 250satoshi Every 30minutes but you can speed up ur earnings by buying time then you earn 250 satoshi every 10minutes so you see its fast. You can Register Here, Note: You will make your withdrawal before 7:00 am on Friday then they pay you on Saturday morning. Have you checked out the BitMaker app? Sign up with my code and we will each get 2,500 Satoshi when you try it. Code: 7UWD36


Bitcoinreward is site which I call "the dope " they pay higher than all other sites I can mension, and they pay easily just by completing surveys, and this surveys are heavily paying surveys, they pay you 1000satoshi for signing up, they pay you 10000satoshi for verifying your email, they pay you 1000 satoshi for following them on social media 1000satoshi for Facebook, twitter and google+, for even filling your details in the profile they pay 24000 satoshi they are the best, No doubt Register here


Bitforclicks is a very good way to earn more bitcoin freely,  by just viewing some ads for like either 60s, 30s or 20s depending on the kind of ads available,  they normally pay out every monday, their minimum withdrawal is 15000 satoshi, So its interesting guys, you can Register here.

√  Btcclicks

This site is the best site ever, they have been paying out bitcoin for quite a long time now, the way you earn is that you view ads like i mensioned about bitforclicks,  they are almost the same, the difference is that this site pay within 14hours of your withdrawal, thats why i call it the best it pays earlier than every other site, click here to register with them.

How to double your bits

Coinr bot

Earn double of your investment in 100hrs ( 4 days 4hrs)  and Withdraw straight to your  Nigerian Bank account. I want to reveal another money making opportunity tested and confirmed by me to those interested. 
Earn double of your investment in 100hrs, that means if you invest $100 you get $200 back in 4 days. I invested $100 and got paid $200 after four days and I have reinvested again no time to waste. You must have telegram application on your Android phone /iphone  before you register or registered to telegram Web version on your pc because it works with telegram, for those interested below is the  registration link. 

Profit bot

Profit bot is a telegram robot, that pays you for completing offers and surveys, for also surfing some web links the bot pays really,  it was the first telegram that paid, the minimum withdrawal is 0.001 btc which is $1, thats a cool one to start up with, so you can join.. Click here 

Here are proves of earnings 

How to earn money from bitcoin
Prove of payment from bitmaker app
How to earn money from bitcoin
Prove of payment from bitforclicks 
How to earn money from bitcoin
Prove of payment from moonbit

This are all payment proves i have for now, men should i believe this??  Yes you should its real make your money from bitcoin now, start gathering them from this site. If you want to get your bitcoin faster you can buy,  just contact me... 

How Can I Convert My Bitcoin to Physical Cash?

This is not a problem at all, you’ll always see people that want to buy your bitcoin from you everyday. To easily convert it to physical cash without worrying too much on how to get who to buy it from you, go to and sign up or you can also use bitx wallet. 

Once you are signed up, upload your Proof of ID, Wait to be verified
The rest is a work through steps

√  Another option is to go to, sign up and you are good to go. 

Make use of Lara to generate 3% of your income daily for life, you can join lara here. 

Hope this is helpful? If you have questions or inquires please use the comment box, and also share this post to ur friends if you enjoyed it... 
Thank you, see you at the top. 
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can i merge the bitcoins together in my blockchain wallet
and also the bitcoins given to me in the sites did not reflect on my blockchain account.......need more explanation


Hi, olamide, They have a particular date when they pay, when the date reaches they will pay you and yes you can merge bitcoins in your blockchain wallet. Thank you for commenting.


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