How to add All Friends to Facebook group in Just One Click

- October 08, 2016
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I always say this to everything there is a trick, but there are illegal tricks and also tricks that i call legal , this kind of tricks can be an idea that you have for something that someone else don't have. Today i  will be sharing a trick i know, to those who have been following this blog for quite along time, you will discover that we base our niche on tutorials and helpful contents, so keep visiting bloggersprof for more tutorials and tricks.
how to add all friends to facebook group with one click
Add Friends To Facebook Group Fast

Now to the business of today, we would be talking about how to add all friends to Facebook group with one click, you know it can be so frustrating when you create a Facebook group and you don't have members and you want to add members but its so slow since you would have to add them manually, there are many ways to add friends to Facebook group, people use extensions and people use script, all methods are good but using script is more faster than ever in less than a minute you can add 5000 friends to Facebook group in one click.

Adding By Using Script

  • Login to your Facebook Account Create A group or you can use any group weather yours or not.
  • Open the Facebook group where you want to add all your Facebook Friends. Note down the number of members in the group.
  • Press F12 Button on your keyboard to open up Developers Window.
  • Select Console Window.
  • Copy  the Code from HERE and paste it in console window. Press Enter and wait for 10-20 Seconds. (If your friend list is long then it might take some 2-3 minutes)
  • Now All your Friends will be added to the Group. You may confirm it by noting down the total members of the group.
so the number of friends you have,the numbers of Facebook group members you can get.

So wasn’t it easy. Use this code whenever you want to add all friends on any group. This code will be updated regularly and is 100% safe.Don’t misuse this code to spam others, Use it wisely.

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Adding By Using Exensions

Adding by using Extensions is common and easy to, you can add by using extension, but you can only use chrome browser..

  • Launch Your Chrome Browser.
  • On the Navigation Bar locate settings and click on it.
  • Click Extensions, then select more extention will now take you to the place where you would search the extension you are looking for, there are many extension there search "Group Invite All"
  • Click Add to Chrome Then add the extension, it will appear at the top right of your screen now this how to use it.
  • go to the group you want to add friends to , now as you are on the page click on the icon of the group invite all that appeared at the top right of your, immediately you click on it, it will start counting and add all your friends, thats it.
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