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- October 02, 2016
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Everyone is interested in making money, but the fact is that, is either you fail or you success. Success always come when you mingle with the right people people that same goal with you, last time I talked about how to make money from winthrillsnetwork, well that was a cool, on my next post I will give an important article about MMM.

Today I would be talking about bitcoin, at first when I discovered bitcoin as at May, 2016, I thought it won't yield anything, but I discovered that it's a good money you should go for.

How to make money with bitcoin

What is Bitcoin 

Bitcoin is a form of digital currency, created and held electronically. No one controls it. Bitcoins aren’t printed, like dollars or euros – they’re produced by people, and increasingly businesses, running computers all around the world, using software that solves mathematical problems. It’s the first example of a growing category of money known as cryptocurrency.

If you are going to investigate Bitcoin, there are a couple of things you ought to know. Bitcoin gives you a chance to trade cash uniquely in contrast to with normal banks. All things considered, you ought to require some investment to educate yourself before utilizing Bitcoin for any genuine exchange. Bitcoin ought to be regarded with the same consideration as your normal wallet, or considerably more now and again!

How can I get a bitcoin wallet 

Getting a bitcoin wallet is really an essential part of making money from bitcoin, if you don't have wallet how would you make money, you save and make money with your wallet.
Now there are two types of wallet I would recommend for you:

√   Blockchain

Blockchain is one of the wallet you can use to save your bitcoin, it is highly secured, it has two securing medium, through password and through your 12 recovery words (fund back up), please i will advice you, if you want to go for blockchain wallet please write down your password don't forget it thats the 1st one,your four pins, and also know your 12 recovery words,  locate it at the top left of your wallet dashboard, click the menu there and select backup funds, write the down its very important not just to make money but to secure the money you have made. To get a blockchain wallet go to play store, and search for blockchain wallet, you will find it, install it and start making your money. 


Bitx is also a very good wallet infact I call it the best wallet, it has many amazing features, in bitx you can know the amount of bitcoin you have in naira and one most amazing thing is you can withdraw your funds directly to your bank account, and presently a feature was added you can buy bitcoin from there, but before you can withdraw your money to your bank account,  you must verify your account. To get a bitx wallet search for bitx in play store install it and sign up and start making your money.

How to start making money from bitcoin 

Making your money from bitcoin is in two ways, is either you go through the gradual process of gathering it or you buy it. On my next post I will be stating the sites and apps you can make more bits from. Presently bitcoin's value in other currency are really interesting and mind blowing for those newly joining it:

√  1btc = $614.50
√  1btc = N314567.50
√  1btc = €547.02

The value varies in different countries, these are the present value of bitcoin to other currency.

Bitcoin gathering 

There are many ways to gather your bitcoin, they are listed below :

√  Getting them from sites that pays to carry out some surveys.
√  Zarfund orientation I know majority of us don't know about zarfund orientation. I will explain more about that, it's an organization just like h2i, you can start up with a minimum of 0.03btc when you invest that then you will invite two people, after which you will be paid 0.06 thats a clue of how it goes. 
√  Getting bitcoin from games, this is for game lovers, as for me I have nothing to do with games for now, lol...

These are the best way I know you can make money from bitcoin, if you know more please tell us about it below using the comment box. I will explain better on them on my next post soon... 

Is this helpful?, did you encounter any problem, or do you know more about bitcoin just don't forget to use the comment box And share this post to your friends and loved once. See you at the top. 
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