How to improve your blog's traffic with speed now

- September 28, 2016
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Traffic is a thing that is suppose to be done and dealeth with in your blog, it's the first thing to do in your blog, if you don't have enough traffics in your blog, your blog will slowly die and you won't earn a dine on it.

This post is particularly ment' for starting bloggers who want to know how to direct people to their blog.Regardless of the fact that your blog is adsense approved, and you don't have traffic, you won't earn a dime. Traffic is the live wire of each site, no traffic no blog.

Low blog pagevisits doesn't imply that your contents is poor, however it implies your readers are not inspired by the different content on your blog, or they can't without much of a stretch explore through your blog contents. Perhaps your website is not keeping up the KISS Principle.

I'll offer with you few tips that has helped me in expanding my blog hits and activity on my website.
How to get more traffic to your blog
Increase your blog's traffic with speed 

How to increase your blog pageviews

√  Customise your blog design: You can't beat this procedures, it is ever grean. Blog visitors love webpages with great design. It portray polished skill on their brains. You can simply attempt to explore different avenues regarding your blog plan. Don't simply blog for blogging purpose, yet do it well, plan it well and your readers will stay longer on your blog.

Always link to an old important posts: This is one of the privileged insights of some top blogs. It helps you to have more blog hits and less skip rate. Along these lines, every one of your visitors will be keen on reading your old posts. This will even make it less demanding for SEO to creep your site.

√  Speed Up Your Website/blog loading speed: I am dependably to go crazy with sites that takes long to load. Do you know individuals won't visit your blog in the event that it takes long to blog. They will simply close the tab before you know it you start loosing readers.

Do this to speed up your blog loading speed. 

Use google page speed insight to check your blog loading speed and make it quick, at last increment your site visit.

√  Blogspot user, do this here
√  Wordpress users: Install w3 total cache plugin.
√  Compress your blog images to the smallest.
√  Do backlinks, go to sites in your niche and drop a comment putting a link back to your site, that will drive more traffics. 

Use Related Post Gadget : This will show related post like a current post; so your readers will effectively see what they are searching for. Wordpress clients can make utilization of 'Yet another Related Post Module'

√  Display Popular Post in Your side bar: Fundamentally, popular posts are the best content of your Website. Right?? Along these lines, to keep it new and evergreen you ought to show them to your Site's visitors. More over, in the event that you have a niche blog, your mainstream posts will be the best wagered to keep your visitors adhere to your blog for more. You can utilize inside connecting strategy which I said in the primary point, to further keep readers on your blog for more longer periods.

Finally Enable Meta search preference from your dashboard: This is a standout amongst the most vital piece of SEO, and it will permit you drive more activity to your site from search engine.

1. Go to blogger Dashboard and click on Settings===> Search Preferences.
2. Now below Meta Tag, edit description as show below.
How to get more traffic to your blog

==> Then select Yes to enable search description and enter a small description for your blog let it be less then 150 characters.
How to get more traffic to your blog

√  Finally Click on save.

You will now have meta tags description for your blog landing page and also search description option inside your post region. You have to physically include description for your article or tutorial exercise every time you publish a new blog post.
How to get more traffic to your blog
Implement all the above and in 2weeks time, you should see the difference. And if you have not done google webmaster, bing and yandex, I will drop a post on that soon. 

Is this helpful kindly share with friends,Let us know if it work for you or not.

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