How to Edit your html on blogger with a phone

- September 25, 2016
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Many bloggers use their systems in editing html on their blogger, and that is really a good way to design your blog infact it is more flexible and easy to edit html with system, but there's a way to edit html with phone I know many people will be asking how possible? With which browser?  It's doesn't need a browser and it's possible, I will dropping the tutorial on how to edit html with your phone.

Editing html is the best and easiest way to design your blog infact thats where your everything about your blog lies, so I would recommend you to learn how to edit html as a blogger, visit W3school they will teach you all about html, css javascript, SQL, php and many more so let's continue.

How to Edit Html with a Phone

√  First step go to play store and download an app called AIDE Web.
√  Then when open the app you will see... 
√  Select For Expert then it will take you to this page.
√  Select the blue icon there then you will add the backup of your template so that it will appear there for you to edit I hope you know how to back up your template, if not.. 
√  login to blogger 
√  click on template, look at the top right you will see backup/restore click on it to then download your template.

Features of AIDE Web 

AIDE Web has many features, you can use it to explore your html,css,javascript knowledge Like I said earlier you should learn it from w3school, you can use AIDE web to create your own template just to inform you but thats not what we are talking about,now to the features:

√  When you have successfully added your template backup to the AIDE Web editing dashboard, then you can search any codes on your template just like you do on the system, just click on the left button of your android phone for version 5 & 6 android phone you don't have to click on the left button of your android phone there will be an icon,it will bring a pop up, click on more then, click on find then, choose find file then you can search at the top any code you want, #Note when you search and fine put down the number of the code you find. Because when search you can't do anything again I don't know if that problem is from my phone but try and yours if it offers close the and open it again then you can continue.
√  you can also save as you do on system.
√  you can edit two templates at thesame time you will see a button to add another file which is your template. 
√  you can copy and paste any code, you can highlight delete and do many more. 

How AIDE Web works

Then when you are done editing and you've clicked save, go to your blog click on backup/restore, then upload the template you have edited and saved from AIDE Web it will take effect. And now to tell you the most amazing part why I like the app, when you make a mistake while editing on system you know if you are not careful you will scatter your design, that's why you are advised to backup/restore your template before editing on system,  but for expert learners like me, if i make a mistake I know my way lol. But seriously it's adviceable to backup /restore your template. Now that's for system user but if you use this app after your editing and perherps you made a mistake, when you save it will save but when you want to upload the template it will say error template not fully built up... So you see its more sweeter, if you mess up your downloaded backup template you can still download it again and the delete the former one. 
That's all about editing html with phone.

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please I want to know what it takes to build a blog


Yeah nice question, it's takes some little things you have to know I enlisted them

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