How to Earn cool cash from link shortener Now

- September 30, 2016
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Hi, My Amazing Readers of bloggersprof, Today I will show you a new way I discovered to make money online through link shortening.  This way is an amazing way you can make it online by sharing  your links with your friends, Make Money from every single link you have,  Have fun while you read on.
How to make money from

Have you been searching for an approach to make money with your blog, yet you can't find a legible way ? Have you been dumped by Google Adsense and numerous advertisements system? Today am cheerful to let you know that you can make one serious cash by simply shorting your links. is a recently launched and one of the quickest rising url shortening administration where you can abbreviate your URL and get paid on each visit your abbreviated URL haveIt's very easy to earn from this network because they dont only count unique visits to your shortened URL but they also count multiple visit from a particular visitor which means you will benefit from every traffic coming to your blog.

Not like other URL shrinking services, provide a flexible and convenient user interface (UI and is additionally equiped with numerous tools that can make you monitor your links and maximize your earnings. Starting today offers $1.5 per 1000views for all countries, if you are not earning from, you are quite missing alot. The following is a finished audit on

Sign Up and Approval 

There is no special skills in signing up, you can sign up for an account in just 2 minutes. Simple click on Get Started buttonfill up the registration form and finally submit it. You will get approved instantly once you complete the signing up. Now start shrinking and sharing your urls with your audience and start earning in no time.

Advertisement Formats offers interstitial ads, these are advertisements that shows up before the required site page. To pass this, ad visitors are only required to do a "not a robot test" andwait for 3 seconds before the final destination.

Payout Rates offers an engaging payout rates, as of this time this administration offers the most highest rate of $2.80 per 1000views for traffics originating from UK and the least rate of $1.5. These rates contrast for various countries and changes practically on regular routine. To be updated regularly, check their payout rate page.

Minimum Payouts 

As of today, like all other ad shrinking services offers a minimum payout rate of $5 only. You can payout onPayPal and Payza presently.

Referal Programs powers a stunning referal programs which offers 20% lifetime commission on all the income of the considerable number of individuals referred by you. It astounding right?

Payment Assurance 

Payment is made automatically by system to their publishers on 1st and 15th of every month. This is the best link shortening network ever, Are you scared of not getting paid? You don't have to. Below is the payment proof from, given to Slim baba of fixmansion. 
How to make money from payment proof
A proof of payment from

Blogging is more fun and interesting when you can have something to buy what you nee,nothing must be wasted including your linksWhy don't you start earning with them? Are you ready to start earning with Click the below button to register.

                                                                  SIGN UP NOW

Don't forget to drop your feedback and keep sharing with your friends on social media. 

Happy Blogging. All credit to the fixmansion

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