How to Auto share your posts to social media

- September 25, 2016
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advertise here is one simple and easiest way I found that you can use to share posts to your social media like facebook, you can both on facebook book page or facebook groups and the work of posting them yourself will reduce. So recommend this site for you try it out.

Recently, a considerable measure of bloggers in Nigeria are utilizing Facebook groups to drive huge traffic to their sites. They make Facebook groups , include a great number of individuals, then auto post to the Facebook groups from their blogs.

Auto Posting now on Facebook groups will spare your important time so you can focus on different things subsequent to post new posts on your blog. Other than this, it stays up with the latest with upgrades from your websites and consequently, you get traffics to the blogs.

In case you're an administrator to a Facebook page, you can interface your blog and begin posting on it consequently by making utilization of

How to Begin

√  Sign up and Sign in to
√  On the "Automate" tab, click on "Add Route"

auto posting to facebook groups

Auto post to facebook groups

√  Enter your blog URL or Feed URL in the bar and click "search " button.

√  Once a feed is distinguished, click on the "+" symbol, then click "Proceed"

√  Next is to include the Interpersonal organization(social media) you need to post to. Click "Add", select "Facebook"

√  Take after the means till you interface with your Facebook groups . Design different settings as fancied.

There's nothing more to it.

At the point when next you post another post on your blog or website, it will be consequently post them on your Facebook groups.

I trust this makes a difference.

You can look at the rundown of sites dlvr presents on here.

Do you know different approaches to auto post to Facebook groups ?

Please let us know through the comment sections.
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