Happy Independence to Nigeria, let's talk about Nigeria.

- September 30, 2016
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Nigeria is a great Nation God has blessed, there are so many things you can find in Nigeria, in Nigeria my country you can the best Shopping more like Konga and Jumia, you can try them out buy an item from them, in Nigeria you can also can also find the best bloggers on earth like my role model Linda ikeji, ogbongeblog,waploaded and yomiprof. They have really made this Nation a great one for me. Let's move on as I enlist some facts about Nigeria.

56 FACTS ABOUT NIGERIA YOU NEED TO KNOW (in no order of importance)

√ 1. Most Populous Country in Africa
Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa and the 8th most populous in the world with a population of more than 160 million people.

√ 2. Niger River is West Africa’s Largest River
The longest and largest river in West Africa is the river Niger from where Nigeria derives her name. River Niger spans about 4,180 km (2,600 mi) from its source is in the Highlands of Guinea in southeastern Guinea. It courses in a crescent through Mali, Niger, on the border with Benin and then through Nigeria, and eventually emptying into the Gulf of Guinea in the Atlantic Ocean.

√ 3. One of the Oldest Locations of Human Existence
Evidence from archaeological discoveries have shown that there was a history of human existence in Nigeria which has been dated to as far back as 9000 BC. The Nok civilization (around 500 BC-200 AD) is the earliest known civilization here.

√ 4. Home Of Nollywood
Nollywood is the name given to the Nigerian movie industry and it has recently been ranked the second largest producers of movies in the world; just trailing behind Bollywood; the Indian film industry and ahead of America’s Hollywood. Nollywood produces up to 200 movies every single week and her movies has won half of the yearly awards for best picture since 2005.

√ 5. Largest Diversity of Butterfly
Nigeria boasts in being the most suitable habitat for the worlds largest diversity of the most colorful creatures – the butterflies. It is widely believed that the areas surrounding Calabar, Cross River State in the southern part of the country harbors the world’s largest diversity of butterflies.

√ 6. The Longest Bridge in Africa
The Third Mainland Bridge (in Lagos State) connecting Lagos Island to the mainland is the longest bridge in Africa—it measures about 11.8km. The bridge starts from Oworonshoki which is linked to the Apapa-Oshodi express way and Lagos-Ibadan express way, and ends at the Adeniji Adele Interchange on Lagos Island. There is also a link midway through the bridge that leads to the Herbert Macaulay Way, Yaba. The bridge was built by Julius Berger Nigeria PLC and opened by President Ibrahim Babangida in 1990.

√ 7. Largest Producers of Crude Oil
Nigeria is the 12th largest producer of crude oil in the world (averaging 2,525,000 barrels per day) and the 8th largest exporter.

√ 8. The fastest growing cities in Africa.
Lagos is ranked as the fastest growing city in Africa, following is the likes of Kinshasha (D.R congo), Cairo(Egypt),etc. Lagos is Nigeria’s commercial hub unlike it’s capital. The small coastal city has a growth spurt of 77 people per hour.

√ 9. What are the main ethnic groups in Nigeria?
Nigeria is a country of rich ethnic diversity composed of over 250 ethnic groups. The three largest ethnic groups in Nigeria are the Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba. The other major tribes in the country include Edo, Ijaw, Kanuri, Ibibio, Ebira Nupe and Tiv. Also there are minority groups of British, American, East Indian, Chinese, white Zimbabwean,Japanese, Greek, Syrian and Lebanese immigrants in Nigeria.

√ 10. What are the administrative divisions of Nigeria?
Nigeria is a country comprising thirty-six states and one Federal Capital Territory. The states are further divided into 774 Local Government Areas (LGAs).

√ 11. What currency is used in Nigeria?
The Naira denoted by the ISO 4217 code NGN) is the official currency of Nigeria. It is subdivided into 100 kobo.

√ 12. What is the official language of Nigeria?
English is the official language of Nigeria and is extensively used for education, business transactions and for official purposes. Despite being the first language, English is not spoken at all in some rural areas. Because the majority of the population of the country stays in rural areas, indigenous languages such as the Yoruba and Igbo are spoken by the majority. A derived language called the Nigerian Pidgin English, also called the 'Pidgin' or Broken English is also a popular lingua-franca in the country.

√ 13. What is the religion of Nigeria?
Nigeria is a multi-religious country. Fifty percent of the population practice Islam while the rest adhere to Christianity. The other minority religions in the country include Hinduism, Judaism, the Baha'i Faith, and Chrislam (a syncretic faith that contains elements of Christianity and Islam).

√ 14. Largest economy in Africa
Nigeria has the second-largest economy in Africa. It is classified as an emerging market owing to its rich reserves of natural resources, and well-developed financial and communications sectors. The transportation sector and stock exchange of the country add to the finances. The Nigerian Stock Exchange is the second-largest in Africa. Petroleum is a major product playing a significant role in the economy of the country; it is the twelfth-largest producer of petroleum in the world.
Manufactured products like leather, textiles, t-shirts, plastics and processed food enhance the economy of the country. Agriculture is also important, employing almost sixty percent of Nigerians. Cocoa, sugar cane, yams, maize, palm oil, groundnuts, coconuts, citrus fruits, pearl millet, and cassava are the major agricultural products.

√ 15. Highest rate of twinning
Yoruba and their bloodlines worldwide have the highest rate of twinning (having twins) in the world.

√ 16. Richest Black Person in the World
With a net worth of $16.1bn, Nigeria’s Aliko Dangote is the richest Black person in the world.

√ 17. Highest number of educated ethnic group
The 2006 Census found Nigerians to be the highest educated ethnic or racial group in America.

√ 18. Did you know?
1st republic Aviation Minister, Chief Mbazulike Amaechi hid former South African President, Nelson Mandela, for six months in Nigeria to evade his arrest by the apartheid regime.

√ 19. Adubi War
The Adubi war in 1918 was a major uprising by 30,000 Abeokuta Ebga warriors against the colonial government for colonization, taxation and slave labor. One British was killed and rail and telegraph lines destroyed. The British rewarded their soldiers with medals for quelling the uprising. Awape Adediran a Molashin/ Kingmaker was imprisoned for his active involvement.

√ 20. FRK
Activist Mrs. Fumilayo Ransome-Kuti travelled widely, including to the Eastern bloc (Hungary, USSR and China where she met Mao Zedong). These interactions angered Nigeria, Britain and America. America called her a communist and refused her a U.S. Visa.

√ 21. Once upon a time...
 Once upon a time, the north was the more literate part of Nigeria. According to Lord Luggard, there were 25,000 Qur’anic Arabic schools with about 250,000 pupils in the north.

√ 22. Riot
Kaduna Nzeogwu killed Sardauna in Nigeria’s first military coup. Inn 1966, a mischievous Igbo owned bakery allegedly made a loaf of bread with a label that depicted Nzeogwu as the Saint in the ‘Saint George and the Dragon’ medieval tale, killing Sardauna, the ‘dragon,’ this labeled bread provoked deadly anti-Igbo riots.

√ 23. Travel visa to U.K
Travel Visa was not required to travel to the United Kingdom till 1984.

√ 24. Naira to Dollar (Exchange rate)
In 1976, 75 kobo exchanged for one British Pound and 60 kobo for one US dollar. A dollar was 90 kobo at the beginning of Babangida’s term in 1985. In 2016, a dollar is now fluctuating around 400naira. Obasanjo’s first term and Babangida’s regime oversaw the weakening of the naira. Although, General Buhari and Idiagbon rejected IMF demands that Nigeria devalue its currency.

√ 25. Loan from World Bank
Nigeria took its first loan from the World Bank in 1977.

√ 26. World Richest Pastors
Nigeria has 5 of the 10 richest pastors in the entire world, with net worth’s according to Forbes, from $10-150 million. They are Pastors, David Oyedepo, E. A. Adeboye, Chris Oyakhilome, Mathew Ashimolowo and Temitope Joshua (T.B Joshua).

√ 27. Highest Paid Legislators
Nigeria has the highest paid legislators in the entire world.

√ 28. Buhari!!!
Aliko Dangote funded Presidents Obasanjo, Yar’Adua and Jonathan’s 4th republic campaigns. Buhari rejected funding from Dangote.

√ 29. Usman Dan Fodio
Usman dan Fodio (1754–1817) was trained in classical Islamic science, philosophy and theology and wrote over 100 books on society, culture, religion, governance and politics. He could only declare Jihad when he was made leader in Gudu {In Islam you can only declare Jihad if you are an official Muslim leader}.

√ 30. Calvary
Kano history has it that a great warrior princess Magajiya Maimuna led her cavalry from Zaria to conquer Kumbwada. Kumbwada in Kano today is ruled by Queen Hajiya Haidzatu Ahmed, who presides over up to half a million subjects. A throne curse which makes men sick and die, keeps males off the throne. {Sadly, the woman ruled Kumbwada is the least funded chiefdom in Nigeria}.

√ 31. Jews of Nigeria
The Igbo ethnic group are the ‘Jews’ of Nigeria. Eager for a home state and highly entrepreneurial; during the Biafra secession attempt in the 60’s, this industrious people were already constructing indigenous tanks and other weaponry.

√ 32. World Largest archaeological structure
Finished in 1460 the Benin Iya or moat is a historic world defense wonder. Spanning 1,200 kilometers with walls as high as 18 metres, it is the world’s largest archeological structure.

√ 33. Nigeria to the Bible
Sungbo’s Eredo in Ogun state (6°49′N, 3°56′E) is a 100 mile system of up to 70 ft trenches and walls around Ijebu-Ode. It’s Queen, Bilkisu Sungbo has been attributed to the Biblical Queen Sheeba (Queen Bilkis in Quran).

√ 34. Walls in Kano
Lord Lugard estimated in 1904 that there were 170 walled towns still in existence in the whole of just the Kano province of northern Nigeria. He described Kano: ‘Commercial emporium of the western Sudan.’ Of its wall, he said, ‘I have never seen, nor even imagined, anything like it in Africa.’

√ 35. Osun to the World
Osun: Queen Luwo, the twenty-first Ooni (ruler) of Ile-Ife paved the streets with quartz pebbles—and broken pottery, in 1000AD. The architecture had decorations that originated from Ancient America.

√ 36. Sweet Nigerians
In 1246 AD the Kanemi of Borno created a sensation in Tunisia when he sent a gift of a giraffe to Al-Mustapha, king of Tunis.

√ 37. Wonders of Human History
Sokoto: Two-story buildings with constructions glazed with tsoluwa, (laterite gravel), 10 mile circumference city walls, some as high as 20 feet, is how 16th century Surame, a Sokoto metropolis created by empire ruler, Muhammadu Kanta Sarkin Kebbi, was. UNESCO describes Surame as “one of the wonders of human history, creativity and ingenuity.”

√ 38. Ondo
 Ondo: Confusing evolution scientists, the 13,000 yr old Iwo-Eleru cave skull, the oldest human fossil remains found in West Africa, has ‘ancient’ (140,000 yr old Laetoli) features, yet lived in more modern times.

√ 39. All hail 'Benin Kingdom'
Lourenco Pinto, captain of a ship that carried missionaries to Warri in 1619, described Benin kingdom, ‘Great Benin where the king resides is larger than Lisbon, all the streets run straight and as far as the eyes can see….’

√ 40. Ilorin Afonja
Ilorin’s Oba Afonja utilized Fulani warriors to help rebel against the Oyo Empire. The warriors after defeating Oyo took over Ilorin and Sheikh Alimi, their leader’s son became the first Emir.

√ 41. Region to Province
General Johnson Thomas Umurakwe Aguiyi-Ironsi on 24 May 1966, with Decree No. 34, dissolved Nigeria’s regions, creating provinces. He unified Regional Public Services under a single Commission. Riots were provoked in Kano and mutiny in Abeokuta; eventually there was a coup.

√ 42. Regions to States
In 1967 Gowon split the four regions into 12 states. Gowon’s Decree No. 8 of 1967 after the Aburi conference restored Nigeria as a confederacy.

√ 43. Nigeria and Christianity
Nigeria has been ruled for 30 years by Christians (25 years if Azikiwe is excluded).

√ 44. Religiosity
In the Southwest, Osun, Lagos, Ogun and Oyo have a higher population of Muslims than Christians according to counts. Benue, Nasarawa and Plateau in the north have Christian majorities.

√ 45. Presidential system
Under the Presidential system, Nigerians have had 7 years total Northern rule and 11+ years Southern rule. Total civilian rule, Parliamentary and Presidential, Nigeria has had 12 years Northern and 11+ years Southern rule.

√ 46. Africa's oldest Boat
Africa’s oldest known boat is The Dufuna canoe which was discovered in Dufuna village, Yobe state, by a Fulani Herdsman in May 1987, while he dug a well. Various radio-carbon tests conducted in laboratories of reputable universities in Europe and America indicate that the canoe is over 8,000 years old, thus making it the oldest in Africa and 3rd oldest in the world. The discovery of the canoe has completely changed accepted theories of the history and sophistication of marine technology in Africa.

√ 47. The Waxbill
The Anambra waxbill, a small bird of many beautiful colours, is found only in Southern Nigeria and nowhere else on earth.

√ 48. Largest Delta on the Planet
The Niger Delta (which is the second largest delta on the planet), has the highest concentration of monotypic fish families in the world, and is also home to sixty percent of Nigeria’s mangrove forests. You should know too that Nigeria’s mangrove forests are the largest in Africa and third largest on earth.

√ 49. Ecological Vibrance
According to the World Resources Institute, Nigeria is home to 4,715 different types of plant species, and over 550 species of breeding birds and mammals, making it one of the most ecologically vibrant places of the planet.

√ 50. Ile-Ife to the World
Ile-Ife, in present day Osun State, was paved as early as 1000AD, with decorations that originated from Ancient America suggesting there might have been contact between the Yorubas and the Ancient Americans half a millenium before Columbus ‘discovered’ America.

√ 51. Longest Walls in the World
The Walls of Benin (800-1400AD), in present day Edo State, are the longest ancient earthworks in the world, and probably the largest man-made structure on earth. They enclose 6500 square kilometers of community lands that connected about 500 communities. At over 16000km long, it was thought to be twice the length of the Great Wall of China, until it was announced in 2012 (after five years of meticulous measurement by Chinese surveyors) that the Great Wall is about 21,000km long.

√ 52. The Biggest Jersey
Nigeria got into the Guinness Book of World Records for having the biggest football jersey in the world. It appeared at the Teslim Balogun Stadium Surulere Lagos and the Liberation Stadium, Port Harcourt. This thing was to encourage millions of fans of the Super Eagles.
That jersey had amazing size: 241ft 3in (73.533m) in width and  294ft 2in in length (89.662m). It beat the previous records: 234ft 1in (71.349m) by 259ft 8in (79.146m) created in Turkey in 2009. Therefore, Nigerian jersey was recorded as the largest football jersey in history.

√ 53. Longest Dance recorded
Kafayat Shafau a.k.a Kaffy from Nigeria broke the world record in longest dance with a time of 52 hours and 3 minutes. It happened in 2006. Kafayat Shafau is a well-known dancer and choreographer for music videos. In 2006, she danced her way into the Guinness World Record with her team, Imagneto, at the Nokia Silverbird Danceathon. The renowned fitness and dance instructor, Kaffy has her own dance school.

√ 54. Farthest distance walked with Football
 A Nigerian footballer, Harrison Chinedu has walked his way into the Guinness book of records, for something strange. He broke the previous record for the ‘farthest distance walked with a ball on the head’. He walked a total distance of 48.04 kilometers in 6 hours, 15 minute on th 6th of March, 2016 to beat the record formerly held by Indian soldier Naib Singh who walked a total distance of 45.64km in his country in 2014.

√ 55. Average Salary earned by Nigerians
According to an estimate by salarysurvey, the average yearly salary in Nigeria is 658,324 NGN (USD3,596), with the maximum of 5,000,000 NGN (USD27,320) and the minimum of 37,000 NGN (USD202).

√ 56. When is the national day of Nigeria celebrated?
The national day in Nigeria is celebrated on October 1 every year. The day is celebrated to commemorate the independence of Nigeria from the United Kingdom on this day in 1960. The country was declared a Republic on October 1, 1963.


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