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- September 25, 2016
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Hi, Everyone today is a great day happy Sunday to you all. Today we would be talking about how to make money on this great ad network. You know it depends on you to either make money or make wealth from winthrillsnetwork. What do I mean?, Making money simply means to make your money weather online, your working place or self employed. But making wealth means is allowing your money to work for you I won't go beyond the main thing I will talk about. So you decide is either you make wealth or make money from winthrillsnetwork.
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What is Winthrillsnetwork

Winthrillsnetwork is an advertising service(network),it creates a room that helps advertisers to advertise their businesses and products and for promoters to promote the ads and make money. That's what its all about

How do I join Winthrillsnetwork 

Winthrillsnetwork is indeed the best and simple advertising network I have ever seen it so easy it puts a smile on my face and it will on yours just follow Me. 


√  Click here to register on winthrills 
Remember to put all your correct and real Infomations.
√  After registering activate your account put your correct email because that's where every updates will be sent. 
√  Remember to read their terms & conditions so that you will not be banned, if you are banned all your money goes away except if you are an investor, so just imagine you have much money there and you are banned so take #Note. 

How to promote ads 

After register the next thing on your mind is to promote ads, but know that there are two types of ads to promote we have the banner ads and text ads. 

Who can promote ads

√  Those who are on your social medias: you can promote the text ads on your social media page please take #Note many people are blocked but they don't know why all this little things sometimes winthrills over look them but it's better to be safe, men if you have been in social media for long it's time to make money, if you have more followers or friends you will make more money per unique clicks . 
√  Then those who have blogs can make the most from their traffic by just pasting the available text ads on their blog when visitors click on them it will be counted,  then now if you get alot of traffic to your blog you will make the most. So it's in two ways weather you have a blog or not you will make it through social media but I tell you the truth bloggers will make more from this network, you can check out my post on how to start up a blog , it's best if you have both social media and a blog because you will earn the most. Let me give you an you an Instance that will help, me and my friends in a winthrills group we normally do challenges of who will earn high so at the end of the day you wouldn't want your friend to pass you so you earn. 

Process to promote ads

√ click on promoters center 
√ choose between banner and text ads the one you want to promote.
√ when it opens for a new member you will see blank space but click on promote, it will take you to available ads to promote.
√ click on the orange color there, a pop up will appear click on it copy your ads and go and promote it, if its text just go and paste it on your social media page,  but if its banner: 

Follow this procedure 

√  Login to your blog 
√  Click on layout 
√  Click on add a gadget 
√  Select html/javascript.
√ On the page that opens paste the banner code you copied from your winthrills promoting page and click save, that's all it will appear. 
 That's all for promoting and one more thing.

How to know an active ads you are to promote

 Know that winthrills won't pay you for inactive ads, knowing active text ads and banner ads are different.
√ When a text ads is active it will always appear in the text ads promotion page.
√ When a banner ads is active you will see it at the banner promotion page but after you promote it disappears , now to know if it's active it will show in the main page of winthrillsnetwork.

Where to promote ads and which ads to promote 

It's very important to know this. You can only promote text ads on facebook and your blog, if you try promoting on twitter, twitter won't alow it, I don't know of other social medias but facebook is safer. Back then as at last two months ago twitter was the best place to make cool cash because clicks comes from there alot expecially when you retweet but after twitter blocked posting of any links from winthrills facebook and blog has been the only source of earning. So banners is for blog only and text ads for both blog and social media.
You can make much money of winthrills I have withdrawn many times I will drop my screenshot for you to see. 

How withdrawing goes 

Winthrillsnetwork withdrawing is really a good one very sweet, like you will be very . Yeah but to serious its a great day like today lol 
25th of Every month is the date of withdrawal like today I requested withdrawal.
Here are my proves for earnings 

The fact here is that to everything there is a secret... 

To get more tips on how to make the money really high, higher than you expect contact me 

Thanks for reading my post hope you gained something I will be explaining more tips later... 
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lols Mira u n money ehn say there is secret 4evrytin lols....
post d secret to na @ Bojan boss


Hi bojan that's a secret like I said we'll I will drop other means to increase your earnings soon.

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